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After a hard night of Tequila on the rocks with three limes (last night) I NEED to find something to fuel my morning. I don’t want greasy food. I don’t want a pile of Advil. What I do want, is something that has come into my life the past year and has been a staple in my daily Rituals. Fuel For Fire. Fuel For Fire is just pureed fruit with whey protein, that’s it. You can use it postworkout, preworkout, as a snack, or as a hangover booster. I don’t give my thumbs up on just any product, and I was really skeptical when I first heard about Fuel. After several training sessions, I noticed a huge increase in my recovery when I inhaled a Fuel pack Post-workout. I thought it was all in my head, so I stopped taking it for about a week. To my amazement, my recovery was not nearly as spot on and just felt something missing. I reintroduced Fuel back into my life and three days deep, I could tell my body was just recovering better. I don’t know what kind of crazy voodoo is in these things (whey, fruit, cinnamon) but I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s so awesome seeing great companies who are going against the grain and delivering a product free of GMO (Thanks Monsanto you sons of bitches) dyes, fillers and everything that our bodies just do not need, and can not handle. How many diseases could be avoided if we just avoided processed garbage and replaced it with whole natural foods? I’m not saying that Fuel For Fire is the second coming of Christ, but they’re doing a fantastic job and have impressed me enough to write a blog about it. One area that some might be interested in using Fuel is with Cancer Patients. By a show of hands, how many of you know someone who battled or is currently battling Cancer right now? I’m sure the numbers are outrageous. For me, sitting back watching my mom go through chemo not ounce! But TWICE! Was just brutal. The second time around, I had so much more experience and knowledge with the human body, and stayed up all hours of the night, researching doctors, nutrition, and everything I possibly could to make sure my mom had the smoothest transition while getting her treatments. One of the things that burned a serious mark on my soul was what they told my mom to eat during her treatment. Ensure was one of their “recommended” items, and a “must have” to make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of protein in your system. Reading the label on that bottle is like reading a book in a foreign language, long and filled with shit that nobody can pronounce. While you’re going through treatments, your appetite is just non existent, and more times than not, the thought of food will make you vomit. So, that’s where Ensure comes in right? WRONG! That’s the last thing a Cancer patient should even consider putting in their bodies. All your doing is refeeding the exact thing that you’re trying to get rid of and where is the sense in that? How Fuel For Fire can help is by being completely accessible to the individual. By providing a solid 10 grams of protein, good carbs, good natural sugars to keep the patient from withering away. I wish I had Fuel for my mom during her treatments, it would have been such a great addition to the immune boosting smoothies I was giving her everyday. Bottom line, Fuel For Fire is a fantastic product and one of the best things you can add into your daily rituals. #fuelforfireperformance #fukcancer

Tear It Down





Do you have a purpose? I was asked this last night, and it got me thinking. What the hell IS my purpose? What type of legacy do I want to leave? Well, not only did I toss and turn through out the night, pondering and wondering what the ultimate answer should be, I realized that the answer was already so simple. My purpose in life is to be a legend. I don’t mean fame, I don’t mean wealth, I mean legendary. Everyone has a different view on what “success” actually is. I view success not by the “material” items, but the people I affect, help, change and push to be better. I want people to remember me as this complete maniac, that always smiles, always has a great attitude, always goes above and beyond for most everyone, and always has a PMA.