Attention Deficit, Here Pretty Bird!


“It is not what happens to you that determines how far you go in life; it is what you do with what happens to you.”

In life we can sometimes barricade our brains barricade our minds and Barricade our emotions.

If every instance was clear and profound, life as you know it, would be much more fulfilling. But being lost within your thoughts is something you’ve grown to live with for over three decades.

What a challenge it is just to speak up about what is truly on your mind, it’s as if someone has a grasp around your throat and the thought of speaking grows more mute by the second.

Living in a world of self-destruction is a world no longer resourceful for the further meant of your mind. The challenges you faced within the numbing sensations have shattered many of hearts for far too long.

At this age having to deal with life is becoming more of a chore than your adolescent years. Things that should come so natural and easy become a day spent worrying and anxious.

You’ve allowed these disabilities to control you and finally after years of abuse have stood up on your own 2 feet, spoken your mind and getting the help and care that you truly need to move forward.

It’s invigorating knowing that your just weeks away from peeling back the layers of self doubt, to embrace a life of profound meaning, justifiable to the new set of tools your mind will receive.

You will become a more proficient and reliable person. You will tackle your tasks that have suffocated you with ease and devotion. You will not allow to put yourself, your health, and the things that are needed for you to always stay above the fault line on the back burner.

You’re the first thing you see upon rise, and the last thing you see upon rest. Don’t forget that you may be able to fool everyone else, but fooling yourself, gets really old, really quick.

Today, recognize your short comings and embrace them for these are the things that will shape your realm to achieve maximum appreciation for thy self, thy mind, thy body.



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