The Best Things In Life Are Free


“What happens when people open their hearts?”…
“They get better.”

When we find solace in not only ourselves, but with somebody else, our lives as we know it will completely change. It’s so funny thinking about the years that you spent in a constant daze, never fully understanding why you were the way you were. You drifted into a darkness unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and never quite knew how to find your way back.

All the self help books, therapy sessions, conversations with friends never broke down your wall, or more importantly, opened up your heart. Sometimes we need a bit more guidance and a bit more of a true understanding of what your make up is. We can sift through all of the moments in your life that painted a vicious picture of the person you never wanted to be. In fact, you truly did not know you were this person until the eyes of someone that saw through it all approached you and told you “You need to let go of that shit”.

What a strong statement that resonated with you years later and set your world into a frantic state. It made you watch and review the sections in your mind that you blocked out and never wanted to fully understand why you were the way you were. This person challenged you in the best ways. She gave you insight to see past the darkness and open yourself up to the wonders of being vulnerable.

There was nothing left for you to do but free yourself of the bullshit, embrace your personal love, and finally feel confident with loving her. Life as you know it is changing. Every second of everyday, something new is happening and you don’t want it to stop anytime soon. You’re on a quest for perfection but the perfect things are the simplest things.

The moments spent looking into each others eyes, laughing about how gullible she is, or how over the top your personalities are, and together, you make a pretty serious pair. Today is a wonderful day to be alive and share your life with someone you love very much. No matter the struggles faced, you will always have heart.


Mad Caddies “Right State Of Mind”


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