Bobbing for apples in the freezing cold is never quite a good idea. Last night, over at my grandparents home, my lovely Aunt Linda (aka, the wicked witch of the east) pulled out some old childhood movies and brought us all back to a time where things were so easy and so simple. Life had not hit us yet, or if it did, we were in no way capable of understanding it. I realized, that there was a profound impact that was happening, as I watched myself do a swan dive, to grab a mouth full of apples. What was the meaning of it? What could I possibly be taking from this video? Well, a lot actually.


I consider the bucket of water life, and the apples as us as people. The apples float and by laws of physics, will never sink. Unless something disrupts the chain to cause a new reaction. Life is truly all about “sinking or swimming” So in the essence of watching something with essentially no meaning, I’ve pulled a whole new perspective.


When we take the plunge, we could absolutely drowned, we could lose everything and never resurface. However, if we play it safe and lightly try and grab the apples, we never fully immerse ourselves in the wonders below the surface. If we hover above them, looking at life in the unknown waters, the waves of time will keep moving while you’re left on shore, looking up to an empty world.


Every time we reach for the apples, our hands are tied behind our backs and we have to squirm and find a way to capture the apples with limited limbs, and limited options. The “easy” way out is not possible. We have to create a new reaction to get a different result. If you let go of the fear, you will have no problem diving head first into the bucket of life and see what’s just beneath the surface.


Nothing worth obtaining will ever be easy, it will always be a struggle and a test on your conscience and soul. If we let the apples in life, float free without trying to obtain them, then we constantly let wonderful opportunities pass us by. #pma


Tear It Down



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