Burn Your Wardrobe

Black & White Photos of US From 1910s-1920s (15)

“Hear his boots and see the figure dressed in black…
Echoes of him have been heard, spiritually he’s all intact
Guided by the raven since his eyes don’t see
Hear him drag the rope that goes up to the hangman’s tree”


How many times must you feel the need to resurrect yourself, just to have the door slammed in your face? What is the full purpose for this thorn like path, constantly reopening wounds that you’ve thought were closed, but so very open? Questions write themselves on the hidden chalk board, but the dust fills the air making it harder and harder to breathe, making it almost impossible to see.

Within this translation, so many discarded pictures fall from the hang mans tree, casting a noose around the conspiracy of hope. When we view a turning point that’s stopped turning, will it ever fully emerge to the next lane? It’s a form of whiplash as you replay those moments through a cryptic mind, but do these moments constitute the current state in which you live? How often you think to shed the tears for those hearts you’ve trampled on, trying to shift your views to a new platform, to watch the act displayed on the stage above.

All of the wardrobes can’t hide the lies and deceit, so why so many costumes? Why so many masks? These are the sections of life that are reenacting right now, in real time, as if it happened this very moment. The smells and emotions are exactly the same. The scenery of places least traveled are strong and present, though how often you find complete serenity in sounds of silence.

The voices that haunt your dreams start to pour into your everyday life, causing the distinction between reality a truly daunting task. No more are the days of hiding these feelings because they’re written all over your troubled face. You can push everything you want aside, but always know that sometimes, someone, somewhere will see through the bullshit, and call a spade a spade.

This performance is one that has failed you because you allowed yourself to fail you. When you never look past the surface and you’re constantly looking for the next thing to bring happiness in your life, you will miss out on all there is left . Burn your wardrobe and your heart will appear.


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