Onward and Upward is the name of the game. Today, I decided to make my “New Years Resolution”, as opposed to January 1st. I also need to state that I HATE New Years Resolutions. I think people need to just do things for themselves, and not do what the rest of the world is doing, on the same day (Just to fall short a month later and go back to your old shitty habits). Today, I woke up with somewhat of a gut in my stomach because change is in the air. For better or worse, I need to put my best foot forward and do what I can to keep my mind focused and in tact. Obstacles arise everyday, and no matter how much you try to lead a good life, there will always be something or someone to try and knock you off your road to success. I don’t feel that I’m being derailed, in fact, I feel that a breath of fresh air will make a situation that’s sort of been stagnant a lot better. It’s hard coming to terms and accepting that your next step could make or break you, but that is life. When you get into situations like this, what do you do? Do you give in and let it derail you? Do you “hide” from the world and avoid doing anything to make you feel better? Sure, it’s part of the grieving stage right? But, you can not let things like this encompass your existence. If you do, it will only pro-long the pit in your stomach to remain and the sense of well being and positivity to be shunned from entering. I always talk about living for the unknown, and jumping head first into situations to attack each day and not care what the outcome is going to be, just so long as your reasoning behind it is from the heart. I feel, that the road I’m going to be embark on the start of 2014 will be exciting and challenging and I welcome it with open arms. Don’t wait until New Years to start a new resolution. Think of what you truly want to make happen next year and get started TODAY! Don’t give in to the new years gym rats that cave 2 weeks into January. Be better, work harder, do more. #onwardandupward #changeisintheair


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