Chemistry In Ruins


“What are you doing? You’re ruining me. In the best way. “

You sit in the leather chair, absorbing all that she has to say, feeding off every word, every syllable. It’s as if you’re floating above the room, yet you’re holding on to the leather arm for dear life. This was not expected, but so very welcomed. It seems as though years have filtered by, and this is your first means of communication. Nothing has seemed to miss a beat. The chemistry is thick as ever. You can’t pull your eyes away from the beautiful elements she walks in with naturally. Every second she looks away, those eyes that could melt a building, slowly turn to melt your heart.

A permanent grin glued to your face, you have trouble pulling your eyes away, but secretly, not so secretly, you’re exactly where you want to be.  This moment feels like it could last ten years, and you would have no problem sitting in this room, conversing and laughing with this person that’s got a constant hold on your heart. It’s a sense of understanding, a sense of admiration for one another that makes this a bit easier. Nothing about this connection has been easy though. In fact, it’s quite possibly one of the most trying situations either of you have ever faced.

Conversations about the past bring up tear filled eyes. As to be expected, the wounds are still very deep, and sting to the touch. Thinking about where you were and where you are has brought fourth a new sense of admiration. It’s something you’ve wanted to show this person for as long as you can remember. The roller coaster that has been your past, has finally stopped to let you off and explore this truly profound destination.

As you run down the walk way, you see life as it has been. You smell the popcorn being popped a mile away. You grab the balloons that are tangled together and set them free into the beautiful skies above. As they separate, you glance up to the roller coaster and see this person staring down at you. Shaking her head and smiling. As you walk back up to her, everything around you has stopped moving. Everyone sees what you see, and they want to watch this play out. It’s almost like you have a siren on and everyone just clears a path for you to get to where you’re destined to be.

They look at you in disbelief  ”is that really him?” For your whole life, you’ve only been one miserable way. You freed yourself of every part of you that held you back from taking these gigantic steps to complete peace. You’re within inches of her and you stop dead in your tracks to just take it all in. You both smile. As she turns away for the first time, you walk up to her and grab her face, kiss her tears, and just thank her for being there, that very moment. Holding her in your arms, brings a sensation that rattles the grounds in which you stand. As the roller coaster finds it’s way back to you, the  doors open and you grab her hand, and whisper “so, would you like to go for another ride?”


Dirty Vegas “Walk Into The Sun”


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