“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated”

What does loss truly signify? In some cases, it could bring out the worst of any individual causing them to do say and act in a way otherwise unknown to them. These are never easy situations, but one’s that we must truly learn from. Where do you go when life has gotten the best of you? What are the steps you take to signify a sense of reflection during these difficult times?

Near the end of an era, many truths may be written on bathroom walls, pouring the lies from decaying vents above. It’s as if you come to realize, that all you were and all you’ve been has never meant a thing. You try and comprehend the words that spill out, but your ears seem mute after several sentences.

Sprinting through the woods, you drop to your knees and let out a gut wrenching scream, birds fly off in the distance, echoes bounce to seem behind you. For once, you feel freedom’s mistress undressing right before your eyes, teasing and taunting with the silky white curves that make up her existence.

The figments seem so real, but deep within your soul, you know this is an imagination. You’ve had to lose yourself before you can be okay finding yourself. In these woods, things start to make sense. You have never been more connected with life as of this very moment.

Looking at the beautiful landscapes, breathing in the freshest brisk air, makes the reflections of someone you lost so very real. It makes you understand the dynamics of all these situations leading up to this very moment. While sitting on a ledge with your eyes shut, you allow the sections of beauty to come into your life, and allow happiness and love to over see your being.

It’s a friend you lost, and someone that you’ll always keep very close to your heart, always remembering the wonderful things about them, and the memories the two of you accumulated over the years. Walking through the woods, you see the reflections and images of her face and it brings fourth a sense of warmth. What does reflection mean to you?



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