Diving In The Deep End


“now it’s time to realize
you don’t have to agonize
you don’t have to compromise
but the one thing you must do is open your eyes”

Loss of breath as you stroke each portion of your life away, drenched in wonders dripping with hope. Its under the surface that you can start to see how weightless your mind can be, when you give in to all the portions of freedom, all of the aspects of happiness, and let yourself enjoy those elements never before allowed into your heart.

The chlorine starts to burn as the waves crash into your eyes, denying you a moment to achieve clarity, just to end up in th deep end, with no way of getting back. It’s a section in your life, that you’re starting to come to terms with, one that you truly have never wanted to come forward and embrace, but this new sensation under waves of happiness, is far too addicting not to pursue all that’s being offered to you.┬áMoving out of the water, you drip a path leaving your decisions to shift forward just steps behind you.

Sitting under the Costa Rican sun, embracing the culture you’ve yet to fully comprehend, enjoying the now, the present the here. This air is the freshest you’ve ever encountered. It’s almost as if someone put traces of narcotics in the trees, and each breeze brings you higher and higher achieving maximum serenity on foreign grounds.

Stares from natives bring fourth many smiles. Kindness of elders brings you to smile even more. Even though the language barrier is at a massive lead, you still find the feelings of being here pleasant. You find the feelings of sitting in the middle of this park to be one of the calmest most serene experiences of your life.

Reflecting on several memories that brought fourth a different perspective, start to detour your emotions but you quickly catch yourself from allowing those feelings to present it’s self in this place of beauty. We all can learn to figure out your life from just a simple swim, from just a simple appreciation inside of a park. We don’t need all of the material items that we think we need to be happy. Enjoy the sun, the air, the people and enjoy love.



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