Drawing A Line In The Sand


When you draw a line in the sand, you’re left with two options. You’re left with two paths and feelings which will bring fourth a new experience for better or for worse. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m tired of drawing the line and just want to make a move where my heart feels I should be. Have you ever looked back on things that you didn’t do and wish you had? I have been so focused on growing my business, growing my name and growing my brand that I stopped growing emotionally. I found solace in working 24-7 that I’ve neglected people and things in my life that I cherish more than I could begin to explain. I’ve been on a warpath for the past two years, being extremely selfish and one minded. I hate that I’ve done this, and hate the people that I’ve hurt along the way. But, I’m human and I will make mistakes, monumental mistakes and will have to live with those choices. I don’t live in the past, and I’ve never really lived for the future, I live day by day to try and make each day the best I possibly can. One of my clients, who has become my second mother, said some really inspiring things to me yesterday, and it’s kept me up as most things have as of recent to think. If you haven’t caught on, I do most of my thinking and planning when the world is fast a sleep. She said “Mike, you work so hard in your business and try to do so much for everyone else, but seem to fall short when it comes to you, and what you really want. You will always be able to find work, you will always be passionate about helping people, but don’t build this amazing career with a house filled with fake furniture.” In other words, don’t live life as an illusion filled with materialistic shit that doesn’t mean a god damn thing. Talk about a smack in the face. I have to leave my work at work when I leave the gym, and focus on the people and things that make me happy. I’ll work just as hard in my business as I need to in life. The line in the sand has been drawn.


Tear It Down



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