Head Of The Class


“At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning. (225)”

I woke up in a daze, much like elements of a hangover. The room seems to be spinning, but I’m grounded to my twin and fighting the movement. Upon standing, I’m overwhelmed with the sensation to accomplish something. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, so I sway back and fourth, trying to make sense of this movement.

I raise my hands high to feel the breeze of the fan, but unsure of why it’s on. It’s freezing outside, and 99′degrees in this room. Sweat pours down my face and spills onto the floor. I drop to my knees and slowly decline to my stomach, turning one cheek to the right, arms by my side and breathe. The smell of pine lingers heavy. It’s almost as if I’m on ecstasy and my body is numb and loving to the touch.

I turn over to see the room darkened, and sounds of deeper breathing emerge. What is happening to me? I allow the room to take me over and lose track of time. Sweat continues to pour out of my existence, and every part of my mind drops besides me as I embark on this exploration into a heated remembrance. A soothing voice announces something in a mute like fashion. It’s hard to hear as my heart beats heavier and louder.

She sounds beautiful, but the darkness won’t allow my sight to take in all she is. How frustrating this can be to sit and wonder what her face looks like, what her body looks like, what her smile looks like. Her voice pummels through my heart beat and I’m able to hear more clearly. “We will end today with sound of three ohms” I sit up and cross my legs, take an inhale, and match her tone for as long as I can.

My lungs hurt by the end, but I feel refined and alive. We center our emotions to our third eye and I truly feel my body escaping. I lay back down to comprehend everything that just occurred. It’s like I’m in the desert left to find my way back, but the sound of her voice is the map to where I must go. My eyes are closed shut, and I’m startled by a hand that touches my shoulder. Her voice penetrates my senses “are you okay? Class is over!”


The xx “Intro”


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