Holding Onto A Fairy Tale


“I’m holding on to a fairy tale
We’re moving forward but we’re not there yet”

Holding onto something that is so pure, that you can smell, touch and taste seems the likely of ideals, trying to set a new portion of life in stone. We can live in fantasies and live on the stars of hope, but that sometimes can be a cruel mistress. If you keep hope in the foresight, and take action, MAJOR action, chances are you will live a complete life that’s free of doubt. You will always know that no matter what, you did everything in your power to express your gratitude. You will know that you did everything in your power to be as open and honest as you are humanly capable of being.

It’s nice to think of life as a fairy tale. We can open the pages, the beautiful pages with images so real you can smell the perfumes and colognes on the people in the portraits. As you read the passages, they bring you to a place where you’ve never yet understood how to understand. Butterflies fill up this room and leave you with your last breath, hanging on for one more glimpse at the serene portions within these walls.

Launched into the abyss, you find yourself laying in a field of roses, thorns pierce your back and neck, but you sink in further to fully absorb this meaning. Birds circle above you, chipmunks beside you. Everyone seems so curious as to who you are, and why you are there. You free yourself of the thorns and walk among the wildlife, smiling and waving at the animals who seem to have human traits.

As you approach the opening in the field, you notice a small chair, directly placed in the middle of the field. Perfectly placed actually. When you sit down, you look to the west and notice a shadow within the woods. Milk soft skin, brown hair, fall esque eyes, who is this you wonder? You hear a rustle in the bushes, you turn and notice a squirrel, as you turn back the shadow is gone. What does this all mean? This fairy tale does not seem to be one that is over, only just beginning. You venture into the woods to search for this shadow, one step at a time.

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