Hollow Reflection



“The spaces in between
Two minds and all the places they have been”

On days of reflection, we pull up many memories of beautiful people. Some, may hurt to remember, others will make us laugh, and truly feel the inner heart that we left on the table for those people. Being able to reflect is a very much needed part of life. It’s what will shape you as a person. Without knowing the why, how can you truly change? It’s impossible.

When you finally get down to the root of what’s caused you to be the way you have been, for the better part of your life, things change immediately. Looking back on life’s journeys and maps that have taken you all over, the scars of agony’s reality sinks in and the empty feeling inside emerges. It’s a hollow feeling, one that you’ve allowed to be prominent, to never forget what’s brought you to this place.  It’s a sense of reflection or more of a realization.

When you open Pandora’s box, you never know what will emerge. It’s almost like watching your life on a screen in fast forward. Every incidence, every moment you’ve experienced keeps flashing in front of your face. Tears fill your eyes of joy and sorrow, but nothing seems to bring fourth a deeper realization than the vulnerability. God, what a gift left on the doorstep to finally open and inhale every right and address every wrong with an open heart and open mind.

Always consider the meaning of the present. Embrace the pain and anguish to make the happiness that much more real. Taste every second on your lips, those sweet tears dripping as a broken faucet does, but know that the cure has happened and it’s one day at a time to rebuild the truly loving caring and fortunate being that’s displayed before your eyes.

So many mixed emotions, leading to a conflicted misery. No right or wrong ways, just here, now, this. Among a room of love and sadness, we sit back to reflect on those beautiful people, that beautiful person we’ve hurt. A window opens and rays of light shine through. Two white chairs come to focus, what’s left to come?


Glass Picture

City And Colour “Two Coins”

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