I can’t express to you the level of ignorance I feel towards people that never admit to liking “pussy” music. My whole life, I’ve played in Metal and Hardcore bands and absolutely LOVE both styles so much. Thinking about playing shows, and watching people beat the ever living shit out of each other is just such an experience. The funny thing is, when you get a chance to talk to anyone in a metal or hardcore band, they will tell you that all they listen to is non/heavy/angry music. ESPECIALLY if they are on tour.

I remember my touring days to be some of the best/worst times of my life. I’ve met so many inspiring and talented individuals over the years, all over the world and I wouldn’t take that back for anything. I remember on a overnight drive that I was doing, I came across this song and it struck a serious nerve with me. There’s nothing like driving at night, listening to one of the most emotionally charged songs, and finding yourself lost in thought. I listened to this song several times, everyday on that tour, and it really made me think about things that I wanted to accomplish in life. I used to play my acoustic in parking lots across America, and watch the sunset while writing. It was a very pure time in my life, and I wrote a lot of interesting music during that time.

I remember speaking to several other bands about what they listened to, and it was unanimous across the board. Angry music dudes LOVE pussy music. Dance music, pop music, whatever the hell it is, if it’s soft, depressing, and makes you think, chances are they listen to it. I found Dallas Green who’s another guy that strikes a nerve with every chord he plays for me. Just a few words could sum up exactly what I was feeling and not feeling on tour. You miss home, and everyone that you leave behind chasing your dreams. I truly love this song and find myself listening to it a lot this week. #pma #feelslikehome #sisterskeeper

Tear It Down


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