The Honest Heart


“Honest hearts produce honest actions. The more tranquil and humble you become, the greater your success, your influence, and your power for good.. Calmness of mid is one of the keys to wisdom and authentic happiness.”

When you’re coming to age and trying to live an honest life, at some point, you’re going to hurt some people along the way to find the complete solace that you’re looking to find. Now, this does not mean that you’re purposefully going out to hurt people because that would just be malicious and wrong on all counts. But what this means is, we will have to look into the crystal ball and decide if this road that you’re embarking on is one that truly will bring the happiness in which you so very seek.

Sometimes we can be blind by inhibitions and past feelings that will try and dictate where our minds and especially our hearts will lead us, but this is where our gut instincts will take precedence. In life, you will learn to distinct between listening to your mind, listening to your heart and listening to your gut.

Your mind will more often than not be blurred and never give you a true definitive perspective of what an outcome should be, or more importantly how you want it to be. Our hearts are usually only leading with love and can lead you down a road for the wrong reasons. It can lead you down a road without seeing the red flags which will drag you through the mud even more than you should ever allow yourself to be dragged.

But your gut, boy oh boy your gut instinct is almost always spot on. When your mind and heart fail you, always listen to that pit in your stomach, that miserable knot of a feeling when you’re deciding the next road to take. Don’t ever sit back and think it will be an easy decision, no matter what your $300 an hour therapist says, this is what will separate you from leading a life of luxury, or a life of regrets.

Keep always your thumb on the trigger to pull life’s beauty into yours, and always embrace the instincts that will foreshadow a moment of clarity for you to see through the flames of life’s woes and just absorb the present moments of raw and pure affection. Today you listen to that gut of yours and for once do the right thing.


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