Joker & The Thief


“Will I Ever Make It Past This Can I Take A Chance And Hope My Heart To Focus”

When we think of life and it’s meaning, you can almost look at it as a deck of cards. Each suit has a purpose and a true definitive outcome. Life is one of the biggest gambles known to man, and one that if you allow to see the upside in it, and not get bogged down by anything else, you’ll always win. Looking at a card such as the Joker, it’s colorful, has a profound history, and a varied interpretation depending on specific card games, and rules. Isn’t that an aspect of what life truly is?

We all come from something somewhere, and with that, we bring fourth a very true and real part of your path, and your history. To each person we meet, they have a different interpritation of who we are, and what we bring to the table. Maybe you’re having a truly bad day and take out your frustrations on a meter maid. That person will have a completely different perspective of who you are, as opposed to the three loving kids you have at home, that only know you as the worlds strongest and happiest dad.

In life, we have to sometimes pull our “ace” card, to try and do right with something that was so very wrong. Because nothing is ever certain, we must push on and go all in when our true purpose is to live an honest and meaningful life. In leading a meaningful life, we will constantly battle snakes and thieves who will try to push you off your road to success. These are the people that don’t want you to succeed, that are not truly happy with themselves, so in turn, must push their negativity on you and the rest of the world.

These people sit at a card table and will lose every single time, because they have not given into life’s demands, life’s gambles. They only see things one way, and that way is not optimal to your well being. A thief can mean a lot of things, but is a true symbol of someone that is still trying to find themselves. Maybe they’re not malicious, maybe they are acting out as a cry for help. It’s your time to shine and dead weight gets heavy.


Wind In Sails “Heart To Focus”

Joker Picture

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