When we have a shield of armor, it’s supposed to protect us from the world. It’s supposed to keep the “wrong” people from getting inside and doing any harm to you and your heart. The problem is, some people never take that shield of armor off. Some people, keep it on twenty four hours a day seven days a week, and it detours you from ever allowing the “right” one in.


In life, we seem to always miss the signs and end up lost with confusion. We seem to wear the armor or the mask blocking us from achieving our true selfless potential, and showering the world with all that’s inside of us. The years slip by, and the awakening occurs. You’re able to let go, be free, and shed the skin of all that has bundled up your life.


A mist the drawn out communication, tears spill onto the hidden floor, displaying the person, you never wanted to see. The voice from across the room speaks in a silent way, though while you’re able to accept the knives of truth from your past, you are hearing and seeing things for the first time. You are free to explore all that you’ve wanted to for years, but never had the opportunity due to the “tension” controlling your life. Our subconscious can do a number on us, especially since we are not in the “know” when it’s happening. When you’re able to reach in, and pull out everything that has held you back in life, it’s the most insane feeling ever.


When we sit on the chairs that brought us together, the taste of history resonates through the air. A history and a time that brought fourth one of the most detached human beings to walk the earth. The warmth of touch, the sense of feel all bring us back to that place where time stood still, and the motion of breath lead us through silence. When the Armor drops, we are left with the purest form of ones self. When the Armor drops, we allow that person to fully accept the greatness in which they are. Stop holding onto your Armor so hard, you may miss out on something truly amazing. #pma


Tear It Down



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