Life In Bricks


“I like the pain that comes out at night,
Everybody dance, everybody feel right,
I can’t sleep alone,
I can’t sleep alone.”

There was a recent walkway built just around the corner of my house. It’s bricks are that of a bright red that I’ve not ever seen before. It’s enchanting, walking by this house to stop and take in the beauty of creation within the grounds. I’ve noticed that every time I venture over, there seems to be a feeling of another set of eyes watching me.

I noticed an older woman glancing at me from it looked like her living room, and she waved at me. I waved back, pointing to her walkway and saying how much I loved it. She vanishes from the window and I notice the door open “Hello young man, what is it that you’re looking at?” “Oh hi, my name is Mike and I just can’t stop looking at this walkway of yours, it’s fascinating. My grandfather was a mason his whole life so I know good work when I see it and this is unreal”

Comes to find out, her husband just finished this just a week prior, and passed away just days ago. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach and a feeling of sadness engulfs my emotions. She asked if I’d like to come in for tea and I must have jumped the length of the walkway as I found myself on her steps in a seconds time. Her home was beautiful. Her husband built the home himself years ago, and she was very happy to speak and tell me stories about her wonderful husband.

She looks off into the distance, rocking back and fourth in her chair, sipping on a cup of tea, and tells me that I remind her of her husband very much. I am taken back by this, and ask her how I remind her of him? “Well, his name was Mike, he was a pretty big guy, had a wonderful personality, and I just know you two would have loved each other.” This woman is amazing. We talk for hours and I can’t seem to try and pull myself away from her. We enjoy tea, lunch, and even dinner together. She gave me so much advice to follow my heart, follow my true passion and purpose and never hold back. I’m grateful that strangers open their doors for people who love life as much as I.


Under The Influence Of Giants “Mama’s Room”


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