A Light That Never Comes


 ”The nights go on
Waiting for a light that never comes
I chase the sun
Waiting for a light that never comes”

In many ways, we can get caught up in searching for a light that just may never come. What exactly does that mean? Well, many things to be honest. See, no matter how many times you beat yourself up over something that you’ve done, or the person you were, you can not live in the past. We as people must be aware of the occurrences that brought you to be that person and you must take the necessary steps to change the patterns, and not repeat history.

We can find ourselves falling back into old habits through chemistry and affection, neglecting the true meaning of what’s transpiring to leave it on the table due to fear. Looking down the list of moments where you were a demonic figure of yourself, brings fourth a tenderness in the pit of your stomach. It’s uneasy and hard to eat as you sift through those images to make sense of the why.

Knowing where your heart is always makes things a bit easier. Knowing that the person you truly want in your life, for the rest of your life has your heart is a wonderful feeling. It makes that uneasy feeling go away, and leaves you with a feeling of openness that is welcomed more than words can express. Because your life is steam rolling forward, recycling history is not something you ever plan on doing.

Falling into old habits, seeing the old patterns are not something you ever want to allow yourself to be a part of. You’ve changed how you view the world for a reason. You’ve become vulnerable and happy with yourself because you physically could not keep going the way you were. You’ve let go of everything, and feel almost as if you’re bulletproof. Things that would stress you out, or truly get you upset just bounce of your chest and your’re able to face life and all of it’s obstacles. While you take in all that is currently happening, you wait for this beam of light to shine into your heart, but you know that no matter what’s transpired, that light may never come. Keep focused on the things that make you happy. Love Life.


Linkin Park “A Light That Never Comes”


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