Lights Camera Silence

Charlie Chaplin

“We Think Too Much And Feel Too Little”

A life in silence through vibrations is a life I can’t even fathom to live. It’s amazing to me, to sit in this restaurant, watching a couple converse just with their hands, no words to be spoken, just movement. It’s a life that is hard for me to comprehend, but that’s just it. Comprehension can mean a lot of things, and I realized that I do not have to comprehend the life that these two live because its their life.

I don’t feel bad for them, nor should they feel bad for themselves. They seem like the nicest people on the planet, holding each others hands, smiling and laughing in their Chaplin like world. No sounds. Just the moments shared through the art of movement, and mimicking life through a different perspective. I want to learn something from them in a very unique way.

I want to know how it is for them to feel the sounds of music, resonating through their fingertips, pouring into their hearts. I want to let them know that they gave me a new sensation about life, just from watching them be in the present, with each other. Sounds of life can constantly get in the way as we try to remain focused on one thing, to accomplish one thing. The problem is, when you’re chasing two rabbits at the same time, you will never move forward as it’s literally impossible to catch both at once.

Take a moment and sit back to figure out what your steps are to the next destination in your life. Don’t let the sounds of people, the sounds of life, disrupt your focus of achieving the maximum version of yourself. If we act as the two hearing impaired individuals I’m currently sitting across from, we just may very well chase one rabbit, and achieve all of life’s success. I’ve learned in a matter of moments that these sounds I’m so blessed to hear, can sometimes be a curse.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and appreciate the smallest gifts that we all take for granted. On this night, I will leave this restaurant smiling at two strangers that have no idea what an impact that they just had on me, and that’s okay. Ill carry on as they will with just a little more silence in my life, and that is something I am very much looking forward to.



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