Listen To Your Elders


Learn from your elders, they have been through EVERYTHING and will give you the best advice. When things seem to just not be going right, or life just seems to have gotten the best of me, I call upon one of the greatest woman ever to walk the face of the earth. My grandmother. My grandmother is the shortest little spark of Italian energy, and she will kick the ever living shit out of your grandmother I promise. When I say that she’s gone through everything, I truly mean that. I have found over the years that she listens, sporadically, but when she catches onto something that she fully comprehends, she will unload some of the most “Oh please Michael, if that’s all that was bothering me, I’d do a cartwheel just to have those problems. Try living through the great depression and come back and tell me how hard your life is.” Shut up grandma, I hate when you’re so blatantly right. It’s true though. The world moves in such rapid speeds, and as I’m progressing in age, the years just smoke by faster and faster, but my grandmother always seems to look the same. She just doesn’t age. I’m assuming she sold her soul a long time ago, and for that, I think she’s the coolest ;) Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in thinking that we have it so bad, or that you’ll never be able to get over something. Please do yourself a favor, find a older woman or man, sitting by themselves at a restaurant, or park and don’t walk by them. Sit down besides them buy them lunch, pick their brains and LISTEN to what they have to say. You’ll be so surprised if you open your mouth to a few strangers, how excited they are to speak and talk to you about their lives, and what brought them to this point. I remember I met a gentleman that was in the concentration camps in WWII. I met him at the YMCA, and I always sat down and talked with him. He loved to see me everyday and I loved to listen to his remarkable stories. Listen to your elders and ask questions, they have the best advice.


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