It’s A Mad Mad World


“I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very mad world mad world”

Sometimes when we say good bye, it give us the second chance we’ve been looking for. It can also make you look deep within your heart to understand the dynamic situations you’ve found yourself in, to give you a more fulfilling reason of the next destination. Over and over we can dismiss the long standing truth’s or lack there of truths, for a hidden meaning within an open line of communication.

But where do all of these solutions get rectified, when the only truth you know is a misguided lie? We can bind ourselves up with turmoil and frustration, always allowing an overly invasive element to persuade you off your pedestal, giving you a deeper hole to dig yourself out of. When the dirt is up to your neck, and you have nowhere else to turn, who will you reach out too?

It’s always the easiest answer that can drive you completely mad, running rhymes into walls, nailing chairs to the ceilings above. But with all the madness, there must come a time where you have a better understanding of the reasons you’ve allowed such wicked tendencies to take over your life. So many of us forget that we hold the keys to everything that we truly want out of the world, but let all of life’s detours spin us off course, to end up on a dead end road, with no map to find our way back.

Two playing cards fall out of a seagulls claw, finding a place just inches from your feet. Upon viewing, you notice the seagull dropped two Joker cards, echoes of laughter haunt the ally in which you stand. The meaning must be deeper, but you’re far too nervous to understand this concept, so you tear up the cards and watch them burn.

Within seconds, your clothes catch on fire, screaming for help you find yourself tucked in a corner to withstand the sections of life that are now coming back to destroy your existence. How you longed for this day to face all that you’ve done to bring fourth this hurt. Though you welcome it and are prepared to take it all in. Two cards is all it took to find truth.



Gary Jules “Mad World”

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