Mind Heart & Soul


“Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Future cares have future cures,
And we must mind today.”

As we drop off the map to explore a new sense and understanding of ourselves, we will come to sections within our realm, that may not be explainable. This is expected as we go through the growth and strains it takes to truly figure out our deep rooted feelings and emotions.

Some people will go through life holding things in, living in a silent misery, never admitting when they’re truly suffering. This is not a quality life, nor is it healthy for you or anyone around you. When you’re indecisive and don’t have your feet truly grounded, you can become flighty and forgetful.

One of the number one components to a true purpose and happiness is understanding the powers of your mind, heart and soul. Your mind can play tricks on you sometimes and run your thoughts like an escalator, constantly up constantly down, one dimensional and precise. Your heart will always have an investment and must act on feeling that your mind may otherwise neglect.

Your soul is the true deep understanding of what and where you’re meant to be. Let your soul emerge and have it take lead and watch the steps it takes, you’d be surprised what a difference your direction would change.

It’s you that shares the wealth of knowledge and the deep appreciation for yourself that needs to set the tone to fully immerse yourself in positive change. Words can be written and talked, but at this stage its all about taking massive consistent action to take charge of your life.

Skating by and hiding under the radar, running from your problems and never fully understanding the root of your issues, will never change unless you step up to the plate, and make daily tasks that need to be accomplished to never stop working on yourself.

We’re so quick to forget that we are our own destiny, and if we’re not living our truth, not living up to our true potential, then we are not living. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed, you must make a stand to not continue to go down the road you have over and over again, just to always come back to square one.

When you give in to the process, and embrace vulnerability, you will start to feel a relentless attitude that will not allow you to slip back into your habits and cut yourself off from the people you love.

You will set the tone each morning to devise your purpose for that given day. Always remembering to set aside time for you and only you to work on your journey and discovering the depths of perception in which you must constantly evolve.

You can be like you were yesterday, or you can grab life by the horns and drive and carve the path that you’re truly destined to be on. Nobody can do this but you. “Get busy living or get busy dying”




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