Outside Life


Looking through your life from an outside perspective can be seemingly difficult, but sometimes, it’s just the thing we need for a boost in confidence to pursue a new path.

Over the span of several years, you will come across many people that will leave a lasting impression on you, for good or bad, it will help shape your mind and shape your heart to approach new experiences with a different set of eyes.

The longer we hold onto things from our past that have already happened, the shorter our present life becomes.

It’s almost like planning for a massive event…

You spend every waking hour thinking, working, building this idea into reality, then BAM!

It’s over and you’re scratching your head going “how the hell did i just do that?”

This is the same scenario for people that live in the past.

It absolutely affects your present whether you realize it or not, and the faster you can bury the feeling and emotions that are dragging you through the mud, the faster you can free yourself and open yourself to new and beautiful experiences.

Of course this is easier said than done, but when you align yourself with other like minded positive people, you will find out so much about yourself, because you’re not bogged down with your own misery, and you’re not bogged down with other peoples negativity.

It’s such a blessing to have the freedom of choice because it gives you just that, the choice to not stand for bullshit.

If you’re unhappy, don’t complain about it, act and find something that will make you happy.

Whether it’s cooking, fitness, traveling, reading do it and do it now.

Tomorrow does not exist.

The longer you post pone living happy, living free the faster you are to be that elderly person scratching their head saying “what happened to my life”

The older we get, the more wisdom we obtain.

Take all that you’ve learned and apply that to challenge yourself to get out of your comfortable bubble and try something that everyone else tells you not to.

It’s just life, get living.

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