The Power Of Voice


“You will know who truly loves you when you ask them to do you an unconventional favour.”

As we conquer our dreams and shatter our goals, happiness can still be the last on the checklist of world domination. Nothing has come easy for you, nor will anything ever seem to be easy, but where your mind has drifted, is a new territory that needs guidance.

We can’t forget the power of our voice, because it’s as simple as asking for help in times of need, that will get you out of the dark, and slowly return to a lighter more profound place within your head. Doing it all starts to get very old, very quick. Some people can handle the pressure and the stress of multi-tasking and running a thousand things at once, but you can’t compare yourself to them because you have a different foresight in life.

No matter the chaos that occurs, always know that you may be alone doing it all, but you don’t truly have to be alone. When things start to get out of your reach, and  you start losing control of the day to day tasks, that’s when you must bite the bullet and ask for help.

It’s never a sign of failure, you must always remember that you still will have the power, but it’s very humbling when somebody close to you, set’s aside time in their day, to take a look at the issues you’re having, and help construct a game plan and a map to get you from point A to point B.

These are moments that will shape your mind and heart to always understand the bigger picture. We can always want things to happen fast and over night, but that won’t be a truly educational component for you. We must embrace the trying times and understand this process of life, and of business.

You can stare at the computer screen all  you want, but if you don’t have a grasp on what your goal for the day is, how do you know that you’re on track to meet the “bigger” goals? These are things that must be executed and delivered on a consistent basis.

When you find bumps in the road, just know that you have the ability to reach out and find someone who’s more experienced that can guide you and show you the way. It’s a beautiful feeling, letting go of the reigns to allow someone else to step in and give you a fresh perspective on an expired situation.



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