Pura Vida


“When your back is to the wall and you are facing fear head on, the only way is forward and through it.”

Is there anything more beautiful than watching the sunset, over looking the beach? You can absorb the sun from just about anywhere in the world, but there’s something about the beach that makes a sunset that much more exhilarating.

The sounds of the waves, the shallow winds lightly caressing the sides of your cheeks, all play into the tone and the the experience of being present within not just this moment, but in life.

We can think of the sun as our heart, shining bright, pulsing with positivity, bringing smiles to those who wish to take it in. But just as beautiful this can be, we must protect ourselves as we can get burnt, and scarred and left with a sour taste of what the sunset truly resembles.

If you walk along the shore, passing foot prints other souls have left before you, a distinct sound deep within the ocean may appear. You will have to listen really closely, but the sounds of a woman singing can be heard.

Some say she haunts oceans around the world, but the thought of watching a sunset while listening to an angelic voice could not be more surreal.

Maybe people are shunned to the idea because in theory, they’re not embracing the possibilities of someone resurrected to carry on the torch of their legacy. Maybe they don’t truly want to consume what the earth has given us, and just take the sun for what it is.

As you start to collect your things, and walk away from the ocean, walk away from the sun that’s engulfed into the earth, you stare up to the sky to see the stars forming, and shapes shaping. A chilled breeze catches the back of your legs as you twitch and jitter.

You’re on a search for purity within life, to understand the passages we may fall into, but know that with guidance, care, compassion, understanding, we will always come out of anything with the clearest of mind’s.

It’s a beautiful day to be alive, so go out and try something new and absorb life’s offerings. Seize The Day!



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