A Run Through The Ocean


“At times so self destructive
With no intent or motive
But behind this emotion,
There lies a sensible heart
A sensible heart”

When we constantly run with scissors, we may always trip over the same step and pierce the same skin over and over, never learning our lesson to 1. not run with scissors, 2. turn them the other way while running. It’s a lesson of life, and sometimes it can be a humbled reality to just stop dead in your tracks, and really adjust the passageways you’ve lived your life.

Always feeling behind the eight ball, trying to focus on where to go, but never having a clear path or direction has lead you down many roads that could have easily been avoided with the proper awareness of one’s self, and mind.

It’s not even a wake up call as it is a complete relentless approach to not stand for the way you’ve allowed to live your life, to always feel like you’re drifting with no purpose and always coming up with excuses why you can’t do something.

It’s comical by this point as you’ve spent so long trying to understand things, but never have truly had a grasp or clue as to what was truly deep rooted inside of you that needed to be unleashed to free yourself of the decadence and nostalgia.

Sometimes we just need to take our sadness and fed up emotions and apply them to all of the areas that we need to work on. If you truly want to feel better and take your life out of the bottom to plant yourself on a pedestal and spread your arms belting at the top of your lungs a sense of freedom, then it takes consistent constant loving action.

Memories can bring fourth tears which is a blessing in and of it’s self. People forget that crying is one of the healthiest things a person can do, but so many of us never cry due to the fact that we don’t want to show any signs of weakness.

It’s bullshit. Being vulnerable, and truly letting your guard down to always feel comfortable opening up about your feelings is the healthiest thing you could possibly do to channel your frustrations and sadness to someone that truly cares to listen and help get guidance to talk it through.

Without communication, and not surface communication, nothing will ever get better, it will always maintain and eventually feel stagnant. You must start to look at the choices you make each and everyday, and make sure that you’re heart and mind are in check with all that you want to accomplish with life, relationships, work.

One day at a time, constantly breathing and enjoying life’s beautiful gifts is a great start. Don’t ever stop learning, especially learning about yourself and what’s cracking beneath the surface screaming to get out and give you a new voice.



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