The Shackles That Bind


“We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.”

With age comes many aspects of life that we either understand, or neglect wholeheartedly due to fear or other subsequent crutches. The maturity and experiences that we’ve grown accustomed to, will shift a focus of internal awareness when we are completely ready.

You’ve swam up stream long enough to know that what you’ve tried in the past has just not worked, so what then? Do you continue drifting through life, running into the same issues you carry on your shoulders, just to keep having those nightmares become realities?

It’s a movement through focused determination and breath, that will guide you to your internal happiness and well being. The struggle is very much real, but with the greatest struggles, we come face to face with our issues and stand up to them, or bow down and let them control your life as they have.

The best of you has still not shown it’s beautiful face yet. It’s been waiting for a very long time to break free of the shackles weighing down on your conscious and fully immersed in dread and sorrow.

What if you we’re given a key to unlock the shackles binding your existence and personal growth? Would you know how to deal with all that would flood out upon releasing those chains? Until you’ve walked the path to find this journey truly on the other side, you will never know.

You must have faith in the process that what’s happening this very moment, is meant to have a greater meaning and purpose to make you the best version of yourself, to be the best friend, lover, brother, uncle you can be.

When we gamble with life, the result may not be known, but as long as you’ve centered your true feelings, understand all you have to offer, and finally comprehend the ways to cope with life’s challenges, you will be the strongest version of yourself.

No more excuses, just solutions to past issues, and confronting them each and everyday with a sense of love and admiration. Why hold onto grudges and resentment, when you can be happy going through the progress, to have a deeper and more meaningful version of yourself emerge?




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