Something To Believe In

boston at night

“Touching your face, I feel the heat
of your heartbeat echo in my head like a scream.
What you do to me!
Waited so long I can’t wait another day without you.”

This morning’s brisk air sends an overwhelming sensation from your toes all the way to your ears, making the decision to get up out of bed, a truly hard one. You can’t seem to help the new pep in your step, nor do you truly want to. It’s a respect for the mess you made that you’ve figured out how to make those parts of your life a distant memory, stepping up to the plate and growing up owning what you truly want.

The drive seems long, though it’s only been 11 minutes. This darkened road is lit up from the moon’s beams above, shining a new path needed to find your way through all the memories compiled within your mind. This morning drive is different. You don’t seem to care that although it’s freezing out, your window is down, your heat is blasted and you’re taking every portion of a negative and positive and finding the balance between both.

In life, we sometimes have to find something to believe in. Sometimes, we just need to know that we can believe in something, other than yourself. As long as you have your personal foundation, anything you build on top of that will be something profound to take your life on a constant escalator, never stopping for anything. You’ve found your beliefs in life and happiness and you’re exploring every part of your brain that’s been a lost battle of understanding.

This mornings journey finds you at a different end point. You traveled the same distance, it took you exactly the same time to arrive, but you don’t recognize this place. You look around and can’t quite comprehend where you are. Opening the door, you over look the Boston landscapes and what a sight it is. You sit cross legged on the gravel below your feet, rest your head in your hands, breathe and take in all your two bright eyes can handle. You see the planes taking off from above, and the early morning delivery drivers rushing to make sure they’re on time for their routes. Today, you see yourself not in a rush. Just happy to be happy.


Queensryche “Jet City Woman”


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