Stars Of Contemplation


“Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.”

Under the stars, we’re left with our thoughts from past and present woes, troubling our breath haunting our hearts. As the blood flows through our bodies, we find those emotions that have clung on to our waist side like a scared child more prominent than ever.

Sipping life through a straw can be a challenging endeavor and must be dealt with by freeing the straw from the glass, and viewing things half full. When we have a deeper perspective of the stars above, they seem to almost speak and sing a song not of the ones our ears have heard, but that of a new sensation.

How many times the clock’s struck 12, just to ring out and leave a lasting impression on our souls, but never fully accepting it’s wrong and adolescent doings. Struggle is not so foreign to us as we’ve suffered through truth and suffered the consequences for not putting one foot in front of the other and taking action.

It’s what will separate the rich from the poor, the famous from the non existent, the attack lifers and the couch surfers. We must have the traits of the promising stars, to put our noses down and tackle the tasks at hand that will make us move not just a small step, but a giant step forward.

Nobody will hand you anything, and if they do, it’s usually a short lived experience that will leave a sour taste in your mouth. During times when we’re overwhelmed, don’t neglect this as we shall continue our journey into our true destination, of finding the deeper meanings of our purpose.

If someone asked you if what you’ve done is a direct reflection of where you’ll be in five years, would you be happy with the outcome? It’s questions of this caliber that will make you put in the long hours to achieve your dreams, and chase the stars of life’s offerings.

We have our stay here until our days are numbered, if you’re not attacking every second to claw your way out from under, than you’re remaining content with your life and will never truly move forward.

As the stars align, prepare you mind every second of every day.



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