Strength In Weakness

Overcoming obstacles

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics and it’s true in the boardroom”

What defines weakness? Is it someone that physically is incapable of transferring one’s ability to push/pull move an object? Or, is it someone that internally has a hard time lifting their spirits and never seeing the potential in what they truly have to offer?

This has been an issue and most recently, a topic of interest that has been circulating through the corridors of these walls, which finally have resonated enough to pour some thoughts onto a page.

Being “weak” is a direct reflection of your mindset, and how you truly allow yourself to feel. When someone sets out on a task, deemed “impossible”, but proves the naysayers wrong, what does that person have that you don’t? They’re human, they have skin, bones, eyes, nose, mouth, limbs, but why can they set aside those negative emotions of failure, and succeed?

It’s a direct reflection of the impact they allow into their thoughts. When negative elements creep in, they can control your every waking emotion. It’s almost a full time job dealing with negativity towards yourself, especially from other people.

The thing we all have to remember is that we all have the same capabilities to succeed as far as we want. Unfortunately, self doubt is as common as asking for a cup of coffee these days, and people decide to play safe in the background, never stepping out to see what just might happen.

If weakness is defined through our perception, than all the weight one can lift means nothing. If you’re not mentally tough, confident, and have a blatant disregard for those that will try to knock you off your path’s of forward moving, you’ll always finish last, broke, and more weak.

This is something that must be addressed for you to develop the tools to shift that inner voice, to tell yourself that you have what it takes, and will keep steady to accomplish your dreams.

The only people that will not allow you to move forward is yourself. Excuses will get you no where. Be honest to yourself first, appreciate that yes, you may be down in the dumps and life may be consuming your waking thoughts, but that’s just it.

You have the power to change if nothing else, your mind. Once you appreciate the value of thought, you will appreciate and value yourself. Nobody will tell you other wise and if they do, they’re clearly just not giving a valiant perspective.

The mind is a beautiful thing to waste on negative thoughts. The more we hold in, the worse we will feel. Be comfortable releasing that tension that you can allow to build up and free yourself of the self doubt’s that cause your internal weakness. Remember, weakness leads to strength.


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