Stress Management. How do you deal with it? What’s your escape when things pile up and have you wanting to pull the last hair out of your head? I can tell you that self improvement is a daily ritual and not something that you can “casually” come in and out of. You have to work day in and day out to be bulletproof and dodge the shit out of stress, and find the avenues that will bring you up as opposed to dragged through the ninth layer of hell.


I’ve never thought about self improvement as much as I have the past month. It’s really made me look and inspect each portion of the areas that I feel need improving, and set up a daily plan to make the changes and the things that will continue to always keep pushing me forward. Stagnancy is a vicious element that should never surface in anyone lives. Who you are right now, is not who you are going to be next year or the year after. If it is, then you’re not moving forward.


I got caught up with the Stagnant game and it did a number on me. It’s not about sitting around and hoping things change, or dwelling on the things that have happened, as hard as it is and as shitty as you may feel, you have to keep a positive mindset, and know that you need to improve. When you allow stagnancy to enter you life, it will spread like a disease, and just destroy your existence. Stagnancy+Stress+WellBeing=Silence.


You also have to be open to change, and know that you’re guard is going to be down, and you just have to pull the fucking trigger of acceptance. In order to accept, you must embrace change, when you embrace change the world is at your fingertips. My stress levels have been about a 9 on the Richter scale. The second I started working on my daily tasks, my “make moves” tasks, I’ve just felt free of all my inhibitions. Life is a gift, you just gotta unwrap it to fully see whats’ inside. Make changes. Make moves. Do you. #fuckstagnancy #improvedaily


Helios “The Morning Room”


Tear It Down



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