Stroke Of Brilliance


 “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”

Opening the doors to a palace with centuries of eclectic art, obstructing the presence of modern civilization with turns in tides, seemingly disobedient. All of the history is almost to much to fully process, but within the catacombs of life’s tendencies, you can see what other’s don’t quite see.

While staring into the eyes of a child, the sculpted realist seems to give you guidance, without opening his mouth. Just from the black dots that make up his eyes, you find a true meaning in this piece and wonder where it’s been for the years leading up to this very moment.

On life’s scale, we can constantly juggle and battle what should presume to be a new challenge, and new sensation, but like any new challenge comes more obstacles which will constantly distract and remove you from the elements we so very much crave.

Nobody here seems to understand the process in which these artist’s had to go through to create such magnificent pieces. Nobody understands the pain in which they devoted in turning out these pages of their lives. This room seems to reflect so much of what you have faced within your life. This room seems to bring fourth all that you’ve held onto but never knew how to speak what they so easily stroked with their brilliant wrist’s.

For some, these paintings will do nothing to them, it will not make them feel any different or change how they view art going forward. But for those that can look past what’s on the surface of each canvas, and can dive into the wonders of what the deeper meaning is, you will constantly pull your own interpretation from each frame of work.

It’s as if these pieces have a life size story to tell, and what you can do with each is what you will make of it. As we are as people, as we are with life. Nobody will tell you what to do or how to live, you will always make your own art, and sculpt your true definitive version of yourself. For those that appreciate deeper meanings in canvas, you will find every purpose desirable.



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