The Sweetest Things


“Always vote for┬áprinciple, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

It’s funny how fast we can contradict ourselves when what we have is all we truly need. What that means is, whenever we decide to embrace a new path, everything that was the “fantasy” could very well be the one thing that makes you question the journey. These are not questions you should fear having as they will always bring fourth the necessary fragments in which will open you up to possibilities and things you may otherwise not want to ask.

We can be so quick to judge and so quick in making life altering decisions, but when you sit back to fully take in all that is offered, you must take the time to process, understand, ask, act. Because nothing in life is certain, the quest for the purest form of living is always under pursuit. It’s like picking a orange from a tree, pealing it for the first time and tasting everything that life has to offer you.

Even the sweetest things have a sour spot, and that sour spot could be the remaining factor of a past life, driven by a mute individual. With so many things to consider, sometimes the best thing to do is just to let go of the thought, and let the waves of the world move you to where your heart desires.

You can only think so much until your brain feels as if it will explode, casting your deepest emotions onto the center of the stage where all the world can laugh and judge at what’s truly hidden deep within your memory bank. It’s a gift to free your mind and have a deeper realization yet something inside you beats to an off kilter ed drum, causing mass friction and hysteria within the streets below.

All the thoughts that were hidden have found a place onto the city streets, embracing all that was not supposed to be displayed. Where does this take you you wonder? Will you find solace among the crowded chaos, maybe bringing fourth a decision within your heart? Or will you shuffle along with the rest of the world, head down mouth shut avoiding confrontation? Speak your truth, live your truth, be your truth.



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