Swing On Life’s Branch

lost tree

“Close your eyes. Hold my hand and dance with me These four walls, these dim lights, this mystery”

Have you ever heard of the lost highway? It seems to be in every state, every country, and only a select few seem to know of it’s existence and the exact locations of each one. The lost highway is a long windy uphill road that is never ending, or it ends when you truly want it to end. On a night not too long ago, there was a moment of clarity while you drove along this highway, trying to find the pieces of yourself left along side of the road. There are no exit signs, no stop signs, just arrows that point forward.

You notice that turning back is not an option, as it’s a thin one way road, and to turn back would be damn near impossible. Something catches your eye from a mile off into the midnight sky. It seems to be a tree of sorts, but you can’t quite make out the delicate branches intertwined with each other, gently moving in the wind. The closer you get, the more your heart seems to skip a beat. Coming to a stop, you fear someone else behind you, that’s discovered this road crashing into you, but you don’t fear that, you only move with your heart, and your heart is pulling you to this tree.

As you approach this magnificent tree, the highway behind you seems a distant memory. You sit down and cross your legs, close your eyes, and take in the energy this tree seems to be pouring out. When you open your eyes, you see a chalice, a unexplainable  chalice, that glistens in the night. Picking up this piece of awe and wonder, you take a sip out of the tree of life. Every part of your body is electric, you can’t stop sipping and you allow this feeling to take over your soul and guide you to the next destination in your life.

Jumping to grab onto a branch, you swing all of life’s sorrows away, freeing your doubts and opening to hopes. Upon the final stop, you arrive at the top of this tree. The moon is at your fingertips, and you notice another hand print next to yours. You seem puzzled as you’re the only one here. Laughs echo through the empty desert. Hello?


Tree Picture


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