A table for two, but place mats for three? This is a story about a life seen through the eyes of a waiter. A waiter(tress) is able to channel and filter a lot of personalities every hour, of every day. They see what other’s are too distracted to acknowledge is right in front of them. They see the young aspiring business professional, making a sale over a BLT, they see the husband on Monday with his wife over prime rib, and Friday with his mistress for a late lunch. Nothing gets past their eyes, yet so many don’t acknowledge what it is they see.

Taking ones order, will dictate a lot about that person. Listening from the opposing booth as someone shouts demands as opposed to nicely saying what it is what they want. Nobody deserves to be screamed at because you decided to wake up out of bed with a canyon of a chip on your shoulder. Or maybe you didn’t wake up like that. Maybe, that’s your make-up and generally who you are as a person which is your own personal misery.

I enjoy eating by myself and listening to the world around me. I enjoy conversing with a really nice waiter(tress) who’s had a rough day, and I’m able to put a smile on their face and tip them well. When we have three place mats on the table, we are in too many places other than being right there, where you are, with the person in front of you. You can multi-task all you want, but when you can shut the world out for 45 minutes and enjoy the company of someone, for what they have to offer, you’ll see what the waiters see. You’ll see things for what they are, not for what they are not.

We move in rapid speeds day in and day out, to keep chasing and trying to catch up to the rest of the world. If you slow down, take an order, read it through and set your sails to be free of distractions at any given time of the day, you will have much more peace in your life. Everything is stressful, but how we channel it will add or take away the stress. Waiter’s take breaks, so should you. #befree #pma

Tear It Down


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