The streets outside your window overflooded

People staring, they know you’ve been broken

Repeatedly reminded by the looks on their faces

Ignore them tonight and you’ll be alright

We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright

Arrival of the birds brings fourth a sense of transformation. The earth beats to a different drum. The air feels the freshest it has ever been. When we filter our emotions, we inhibit progress and don’t allow our true self to roam free within the walls we contain ourselves in. When the birth of changed perspective occurs, it changes not only your perspective, but changes how you eat, sleep, talk, feel.


How can one live a life in such solitude, never embracing the rain that cleanses the ground in which you’ve never walked? From the outside, voices speak and tell the tales of the betrayal, the lies, the horribleness that has been what it has been. Like the birds, we as humans are only apt to take just so much, until we must free ourselves of something that’s become a “negative” element within the confines of what YOUR life should be. Who would want to settle for someone that never pays attention? Who would want to settle with someone that is not loud proud and loves you unconditionally? It’s a harsh reality when that person is no longer a part of your life, and the soulless prick that once was, has subsided never to return, never to do harm to the tattered heart that’s been so full of love for years.


Righteous enlightenment, spiritual harmony have all become something of a crossroads to fully take on the new set of shoes which have been hung up just outside your door, only finally to drop and land softly in your lap. These shoes are the next venture of the person you’ve left behind. These shoes are the birds chirping, the air breathing, the fearless affection you’ve been able to obtain, not just for yourself, but the people and the person you truly care about. To rebuild trust, you must be prepared to walk a thousand miles in utter silence. You must whither the storm and taste the medicine you forced down their throat with no rhyme and certainly no reason. I’ve left 2013 behind. I’ve found my inner peace and will show how much love I have to give.



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