Tidal Wave Of Sadness


“Just as the wave cannot exist for itself,
but is ever a part of the heaving surface of the ocean,
so must I never live my life for itself,
but always in the experience which is going on around me.”

Why is the simplest answer, always the hardest to say? Can waves of light fully shine through a room with no windows? These questions have streamlined the past several months of your life, and it never seems to get any easier. It’s as if you can’t ever truly find a sense of understanding, though what you understand to be real, seems to get more distant by the day.

So much structure in the unbalanced home, where do all these cracks truly come from? Why must we constantly walk with a tilt when we’re destined to walk in a straight line? No matter the turmoil that’s shifted in your life, you’ve tried to make up for those areas that developed an unapologetic way of processing information, but this process is so far from over.

Every time you take an inch, something seems to pull you backwards, back into a world of disgust that you’ve tried to over come, yet always pulls relentlessly against the strings of your tattered heart. The beats get louder, pouncing through your chest, causing you to send a tidal wave of sadness over every square inch of your body.

Here we sit under the pale moon sky, wondering just exactly how it is that you’ve stumbled once again into the landmines, destroying the loves of your life, every second of everyday. Nothing seems to be as stagnant as these stale moments, but where do all these crows come from? Why must they constantly rip out their eyes, and allow me to watch them suffer?

It’s as if this is a time warped victory, but the victory of the finish line seems to destroy every part of this memory. Standing in the crowd, listening to the cries and cheers of so many people, continues this journey of trying to figure out the truth within this tattered heart. It’s a work in progress each and everyday, and something about today brings even more sadness to the table. We look on to enjoy the last supper as this next phase is about to occur. No more worries, no more wonders, just the true knowledge of your life, served over dinner.


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