Winds That Howl


“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”

What do we represent to the world when we’re unsure of what it is that truly gets us out of bed? Never having a definitive purpose, or a truly mapped out plan will always lead to the same scenario day in, week out. You will never appreciate the value of your worth, if you don’t know what to value.

It’s a double ended sword that will always have the same answer until you sit down and find out what it is that truly makes you tick. Don’t feel that you’re alone if you don’t have a grasp on this question, the fact that you’re asking and thinking this says a lot, and says you’re on the right track.

Sometimes, it’s just an element of trial and error to find that what you thought was your dream, turns out to be the furthest thing from what you truly perceived as a dream. In fact, what we wish and work so hard at, could not truly be what we’re supposed to be doing.

This seems to happen more often than not, and it’s what you do once you decide that you’re shifting focus in new territories that will add value to your method of madness. We all need to have a method to our end result. We need to know the steps in which we move are the ones that will bring us up.

That does not mean that problems will not arise, because that’s ridiculous to think you’d skate through life unscathed, but what that does do, is put into focus what you’re truly passionate about, and finding the steps to advance yourself into a category that you desire to be in.

In the fight for understanding yourself, allow moments of weakness to come through as this is a journey to supplement a situation that’s not fulfilling. You can shed your tears and free yourself of the daunting tasks of moving on, but always remember that growth happens when we fail.

Growth happens when we try something, realize it’s not for us, and find another meaning within the winds that howl. It’s completely necessary to embrace our paths, even when we don’t quite know what path it is.

Today is a chance to find that voice and speak.



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